QQ - Matching in Relations

Quick Question: When matching for a single row (not selecting multiple match) in a relation where there are multiple matchable rows - which row is returned?

For example:

Would a Relation Match “Rank = First” consistently return Row ID 1 and “Rank = Second” return Row ID 2 and NOT match Row ID 3 and 4 respectively?


Row ID - Rank - Letter
1 - First - A
2 - Second - A
3 - First - B
4 - Second - B

A single relation will always return the first matching row.

Thanks Darren - I assume same results within filters in a Screen / Tab? If MyTerritory matches multiple territories it will return the first one in the table.


You mean a filter at the screen level? Then yes, you’ll get the first matching row.

A filter on a collection, of course, will return all matching rows.

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