How do I remove duplicate row in leaderboard

Hi All,

I have my data I require in the database however it will return a row for each person that are in the same team.

I want to just show 1 row per team.

You can see 2 rows for Team green - need that as 1 row. (1 distinct row per team)…

This will work for you.

Additional info from DB: can see the 2 x green team score.

It’s a type of column.


I have created the single relation column below, hoping it is correct (See image). However I do not understand next step “Then create a Lookup column that returns the Row ID from the relation”, What relation is this set against? (The single one?) What is the Row ID?

Okay - so table did not have unique key column. So I have added it and see if that helps me.

The relation is similar to to your RelationTeamscore, except that it’s only a single relation.

You add it as a new column, just like I’m showing in the screenshot.

I tried this however does not look correct… as all greyed ticks?

Basically not able to differentiate TRUE -vs- FAILED so I have not done something correctly. Is my IF statement correct?

Your lookup is an array, so that tells me that your lookup is looking at the entire table, or your single relation is not a single relation.

My lookup is looking up ROW ID - so that is the entire table.
The Single relation is created but not referenced to be used anywhere in your comments.
Also the ROW ID I created are new values that do not relate in any way shape or form to the URLTeam and ChallengeName (fields that were combined together as template column).


My single relation looks like (though is not part of the IF column statement)

In your lookup column, look up RowID through the single relation you created, don’t look up the entire RowID column of the table.

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I think this is getting closer. See my Lookup pointing at single relation
however getting Falses now in the If column:

Single relation being:

and IF column being:

In the configuration of the lookup column, when you click on the dropdown menu, do you see SingleRelation at the root level towards the top of the list?


Yes. What should I select?

Right here.

Select the single relation and then RowID.


Done this Jeff. Then what is next step to get the If statement working?

Actual think I may have it working now. (if statement looks good)


Works. Thanks so much to all the help. Support here is really solid. It is my brain trying to -understand- the logic is sticking point. Can only learn.