Appear in the list

I have a table with repeat customers,
It should only appear on this list once

How do I find repeating Customers?
Then I show only one of them
Any idea help me to do?

  • Add a RowID column to your table
  • Create a multiple relation column that matches the CustomerID to itself.
  • Add a Single Value column that takes the first RowID from the multiple relation.
  • Add an if-then-else column:
    – If Single Value RowID is RowID, then CustomerID

The if-then-else column will contain a list of unique CustomerIDs, and can be used as a filter.

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I think something is wrong

I want to get only one from a repeat customer

You are missing the RowID column, which means that both your single value and if-then-else columns are wrong.
Please follow the steps that I gave you carefully.

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