Q2 Roundup

In case you missed any of them, here’s a roundup of the biggest features we released in Q2. :rocket: :dancer: :partying_face:


A lot of features that I didn’t know weren’t already their like add column to right, column grouping and showing data in relations.

Other top items - not in any order
Export CSV
Simplify logins for new users

General Request:

New components or options that enable: sticky choices, beautiful tables, flexibility in actionable text layout (left/right/center, font size/color/emphasis) plus all the requests from Experts in regards to CSS functionality cloning with Glide components.

Put the Data Editor in a Separate Tab so I don’t have to keep switching out of the layout builder to a seemingly random table.

Implement custom forms/better input forms to enable pre/post processing, lookup and handling error conditions when users enter/edit data.

Congrats on all the accomplishments

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I often check this for updates I may have missed Product Updates • Glide

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