Python and Google Sheets Integration (Zapier free alternative)

Then is there any option to send sms


I’m sooo stuck in setting up the basics,…

Once you’ve installed Homebrew, insert the Homebrew directory at the top of your PATH environment variable. You can do this by adding the following line at the bottom of your ~/.profile file
Where is this file? Does it matter if I use terminal or Visual Studio Code ?

Awesome! This is supercharging Glide :mechanical_arm:

When I get to here,… yay I made it,… smptlib is unknown and recipient isn’t defined.

Any suggestions how to solve that?

Hey @Naos_Wilbrink!

Glad you could install Python using homebrew!

About the smtplib, I forgot to import it on my code, as well as define the recipient variable.
It’s just a matter of replacing recipient with email_login and importing smtplib on the imports section.


@ Gabriel_Sobral
Thanks for the tutorial.
Do you know the performance differences between those 2 implementations ?

  1. POST to google script webapp (doPost) that will do some search and insert a row
    to google sheet.
  2. Insert a row (and do some search) via google sheet api in python.

Hi Alex, can you point me to a documentation of the doPost method for scripts? I would love to take some time to read about it.

Currently I’m implementing Python to update one of my app’s database every 15 minutes, just want to have alternatives if it’s viable.

I think that google documentation is good enough if you already familiar with google app script:
Google Web Apps documentation
If not ,i think the best channel to learn from is (that’s what i did) :
Google Apps Script Web App Tutorial
Anyway, if you have specific question just ask.

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Thanks, I will have a read through it. I think I’m familiar enough with scripts, I will see if it’s a viable alternative.