Push notifications sending to more than specified user

Hi All,
I am playing around with the push notifications. I have set the app up to send a push notification to the individual users email as opposed to everyone. However, I am finding when others are testing I am receiving all of their push notifications as well as my own. It seems it is not occurring the other way all the time.
I have noticed the additional notifications are going to the User Email and also the email address set up under their managers email address, despite it not being selected.

Can you reproduce this in a video? Are you sure you’re building on the right row?

Thank you for your reply. I have pulled together a video of the process that raised the push notification which you should be able to view.Push Notifications

You’ll see in the first part of the video I am logged in on my phone as a general user, this is the email for the account to send the push notifications through to. The second half I am logged in on my Mac as a ‘Manager’ that is assigned row owner properties and they too have received the same notification.

I can’t view the video.

I believe I solved the issue after lots of playing around. I set up a push notification tab which created a new record to send the notification from and then deletes the record.
I also noticed that I had approved notifications to be sent from my developer application and also the build application. When the notification was sent from the build app it was sharing to the rest of my team that had access to the development dashboard where the build app was sat. Once I refused permission for the notifications for this they started to send only from the build application.
Thank you for your help with this and apologies for the slow reply.