Push Notification not show again

a few days ago push notification is running well, but today i found the notification not show in user. there is bug in this feature?


Ive also encountered the similar case.

I have an app that was built on January. For the users that installed the app back then, the push notifications is currently working. But for users that just install the app, their push notifications don’t work.

I tried duplicated the app with the same users and tried sending push notifications to them, but it doesn’t work now. I also tried building test apps just to test the push notifications but none of them are working.

i try to login via browser edge on my windows operating system, the notification shown with login appropriate user. but not runnning on my smartphone (installed app or via browser) IOS and Android. i just reinstall the application on my smartphone device and still not working.

by today notification can running and showing for my android device, but still not running on my IOS Device. i have do nothing on the application

I tested on a few of my test apps again today for both Android and IOS, reinstalling them, and tried using Microsoft Edge, but still none of the push notification function seem to work.

Hi all

by today, i have found the issue was, i using 2 tables, table user and employee. table user for user profile and employee i use as reference for my transaction table. there is a little different email in table user and employee . Table user using email xxxx@gmail.com but in the employee table using Xxxx@gmail.com, employee table using ‘X’ Char, so i have change the email on employee teble to xxxx@gmail.com, and now was running. before i have test it with my IOS and android device with different user profile, one of them using ‘different’ (just one big char) email and the other one have exactly same, so why one of my device was running the push notification and the other one is not running.

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