Notification Errors

We’re having issues with push notifications.

We’re currently getting three of every notification on desktop with chrome notifications and no notifications on mobile.
Nothing has changed with our app and action setup. First noticed yesterday.
Apple devices running latest OS

Hey @Curtis,

Thanks for flagging! We’ve received a few similar reports from other users.

The team is actively working on this issue.

I’ll share more information here in the forum when we have an update.


Thanks Andy,
Great communication on this, always appreciated and glad to hear the team has it in hand.

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Thought I was going mad this morning :rofl: no notifications coming through on mobile, haven’t tested desktop… Hopefully the fix goes live soon :crossed_fingers:

Is this working normally for you now? I tested in an app today and not receiving notifications on both mobile & desktop.

I haven’t tested yet… Had to edit a few actions for a client (temporarily sending email notifications instead of native notifications). Hoping it’s fixed soon :crossed_fingers:

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We’ve been using the apps this morning and still seeing multiple notifications on desktop and none on mobile.

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We’re still not receiving notifications on mobile and 4 notifications duplicate notifications for every notification on desktop.
Hoping for a fix soon. If we can get an update once fixed that would be appreciated as it’s causing some headache for clients.

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