Push notification when new row added

I have a user action that sends data to other external services using Make.com with the end result being that a new row is added to an excel sheet (which is one of many tables in the apps database).

I want to send a push notification to a specific user when the new row (that contains their email address in one column) is added to the sheet. Any ideas how I can achieve this?

thanks in advance,


Unless you can tie it with an action chain in Glide, I don’t think there’s another way of doing that.

Thanks @ThinhDinh for your response. I did manage to tie it to the end of a user action using ‘wait for condition’, so when the row gets added, the push notification triggers. The problem is if a user closes the app while ‘waiting’ then the action flow just stops. Is there a way to keep the action going even when the app closes, would you know?

No, I don’t think there’s a way to do so.