Push Notifications when new row is added via API


I’m looking to send a push notification to users when a new row is added to Glide.
Any method to trigger the new Glide Actions push notifications any other way than via user interaction?

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I’ve been away for a few weeks so my information might be out-of-date.

When push notifications were released on iOS and Glide added the Push Notifications integration late March (4 weeks ago), push notifications could only be triggered via a user integration. This still seems to be the case.

I haven’t tried the “Push Notifications” action much, but wouldn’t it be able to use an on-submit action to do exactly what you need?


@ThinhDinh the rows are being added via the API, so I don’t have the ability to trigger something like “on submit” or any user interaction.

I would think if this as a common scenario.

Ah, that’s fair, though I’m not sure if we have enough data to consider it a common scenario or not.

Yeah, I get that-
I guess with Glide actions, people will get more into automation…

A common scenario would be assigning tasks and notifying the assignees etc

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There are a lot of things they can add to the API, say upload a file and retrieve a link, that would be a good first step. Doing actions from the API would be pretty cool.

Upload a file and retrieve a link is technically possible already.

Check this out

I’m not sure I understand. Can you elaborate?

What is it you meant by “upload a file and retrieve a link”?

I mean uploading a file through the API, then get the resulting file URL populated through the API to a row in the table.

Ah yes-
I guess the best solution would be thru Make-
Uploading the file to a Google cloud bucket instead and adding the link to Glide.

Any luck with this @Eden ? This is definitely functionality I want/need!

If you add the rows via an API call, then it’s a no go.

Yep, couldn’t figure this out unfortunately :smiling_face_with_tear:
There is essentially no way to trigger push notifications outside of internal actions.

Although- here’s a ridiculous solution!
Find an RPA Platform which will just click a Button in Glide every time you send a webhook to it :eyes:

And that button will be the notification action button.


Also, RPA can upload file. Genius

Yes! Although I would upload the file via the API, it’s cleaner, simpler, more scalable. I would leave RPA for notifications only- after the file was uploaded.

Now we need to find the simplest RPA Platform to achieve this

Please share if you guys find one. I think Axios is a big player in this space but haven’t tried it.

Ok- I think Bardeen (NoCode RPA) would be easy to implement, especially for something as simple as this.

Upload via API > Webhook > Bardeen clicks button.

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Hey @Eden, did you have any luck setting this up with Bardeen?

After reading your thread I’ve tried to use Bardeen to automate a button click within a Glide app when a new row is created, but can’t figure out what action to use…

I’m using Airtable as my data source, and tried various approaches using including Airtable, Zapier, Make & now Bardeen - I’m surprised there isn’t a more obvious solution to this!

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