How to make sound alert whenever new row is added

want to make a sound whenever new row is added here. how to do?

How are you adding new rows? A form button?
If that’s the case you can configure an action on form button to play sound.

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Sounds are available as part of actions

Is there a way to have the app recognize a new row added to the Google Sheet via Integromat? So when a new “alert” item is added and shows up in our app there might be a sound played?

I don’t think this is the way it is designed to work. Syncing rows don’t link to actions.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh! Am/Was hoping one of you super “hackers”/developers would help me think of a workaround that would trigger an event that could have sound! Will continue to process and believe!

Hello, yes I am also looking for this “notification” feature for users to be alerted when a new message is added to the app (like a row).

Has there been any progress made on this?

So do you mean a sound notification or a native notification on the users’ devices or something else?

Yes, a sound on the user’s device. Native notification would be better. I see Apple allows web browser notifications now. This may be solved in the near future.

David, Glide’s CEO said it might come in a month.

What would you do about users like me that keep their phones permanently in silent mode with all notifications disabled? :wink:

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