Push notification messages for shopping app

Hi Glide experts

Is there a way I can push notifications to all my customers alerting them of a sell?

If so how can I achieve this?


You could trigger an email to be sent to the customer.

However I want the notification to be app based not email like to be able to push a notification like we have a sell and it goes to a app not to the emails

Regrettably, push notification on app requires an ID from each device to be able to send to any specific user. Right now, Glide doesn’t capture that.
Even if you used web view with push notification, it’s merely 1 way for promotional or info purposes.
As low code development tool, this is as far as it goes for now, which is a very very impressively long way since I started with Appsheet in 2014.

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This was my work aroundearlier this year and still works well.