Push Notification Glitch

Hey guys, having a weird issue with the Push Notifications.

Initially, 95% of my users were receiving notifications perfectly. However, that number has increasingly declined over the past month or two… now only about 40% of them are getting them, most of which received them just fine before.

I’ve tried reorganizing the action for the push notifications, resetting them manually, deleting the users, but nothing has worked. I’ve even had them delete and redownload the app, they get re-prompted to allow notifications again, but they still don’t receive them afterwards.

Even more strange than that, some of the users PN’s (which worked before) are actually coming to my iMac when I’m logged into the builder. At first I thought maybe it was because I switched to their profile when editing or something, but it’s definitely wasn’t that.

I haven’t the slightest clue how to fix this or what even caused the issue in the first place, any assistance on this would be appreciated! Hopefully someone here has an idea, thanks in advance. :100:

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Since early March, I haven’t been able to use this feature at all. Strangely, you still have some notifications that were sent?

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Yes. About 40% of my users are still getting them, as well as myself.