Pulling a users selection into their profile page

When my students login they are presented with a list of crew positions, and they are to claim one of them using a toggle switch. I want this selection to then appear in their player profile page. What would be an efficient way to accomplish this?

Make a template column joining the email of the user and the value “true” in the user profiles sheet, then make a template column in the crew positions sheet, with the value being the signed-in user email & the toggle value.

Create a relation from the profiles sheet to the crew positions sheet (single match) and use the lookup to return the crew position name.

Ok, thank you, will give it try…

Struggling here: When I go to make the template column to join the email of the user and the value “true” in the user profile sheet, I don’t understand how to do that. I select template, then email, but the value “true” is on the crew position sheet. Don’t see in my mind how to set that up. Here is the screen shot of what I attempted. I made a new text column called crew station so I would have something to select, otherwise I didn’t see how I was to join email of user with true. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oflhehx2ag7u7y0/Screen%20Shot%202020-08-30%20at%2011.21.06%20AM.png?dl=0

My thinking is: Glide, go look in the sheet Crew Position and bring back the value in the Crew Position Column if the value is “true” in the Select Position Column-- but it has to be the selection of that particular user and not all the rows that show true.

Is your switch recording to a user-specific column or not?

no, and that is the thing that is making it hard for me to understand. Here is the scenario:

All students login at the same time. They first see the list of spaceship crew positions available. I want it so that once they claim a position by toggling a switch, that
crew position belongs to them and no one else can claim it or toggle it off. Then, when they go to their player profile page, it will include the details of their claimed crew position. And, all crew members can browse through and look at each others profile.

The hang up is that on the crew positions sheet there is no email column. In all the training videos, the Admin has already assigned the email address to all the rows so it is known which rows belong to which users. However, in this app, it is not known until the user claims a crew station- and even then I am having trouble understanding how I am going to associate the students selection to their email and ultimately showing it on their profile page.

For example. Jose chooses to be the Mechanical Engineer, when he toggles that, no-one else can claim it and Mechanical Engineer (and its columns of data i.e. squad color, duty description etc) now shows up in his player profile.

Perhaps my approach is beyond the capabilities of Glide and it is better I re-approach the onboarding process. I just saw @Robert_Petitto 's video of how he does the onboarding process for a gaming app and will consider something more akin to his approach.

I want students who are new to the spaceship simulator to be able to read over the various crew position and see what each one’s responsibilities and functions are before deciding. I think what I will do is have them look over the list but then make the actual choice on a separate tab in a manner as Robert has done.

In my latest video, I talk about how players can choose their class during the on boarding process. Take a look towards the end of the video to see if you get any inspiration from it.


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Awesome, thanks.

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