Publishing the application.Will this work as a PVA for desktop devices?

Hello everyone. I have done the application and have not yet raised my plan. But I plan to pay and publish. Will the application be available for use on desktop devices in full screen mode? Now if you look at the preview, then I see the screen of the mobile version in the browser. I understand that it is possible to create the Web, but it lacks many of the features that I need. And what I did is not convenient for mobile devices.
Who published the application on a paid plan, tell me how is it displayed in desktop browsers?

You need to enable tablet mode (settings right hand side of the UX). You can also ‘force’ tablet mode for non-mobile users (which is what I do for my apps)

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This :point_up_2:


I’m very grateful to you!)

I am very grateful to you!) And thanks for the link)

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