Public vs Private Users

I’m building marketplace app and I’m confused if it comes to billing and private/public users.
I want Dance Teachers to sell classes to Dancers.

Dancers will be purchasing classes without creating an account.
Dance Teachers need to have access to the app to create classes.

What type of users will be Dancers and Dance Teachers?

My understanding is:

  1. Dance Teachers can log in to the app, but will not have any Roles set up. Therefore, they are public users.
  2. Dancers are not logging into the app. Therefore, they do not count towards either Public or Private users. If they’d be creating accounts, they would become public users.

Am I correct?

It depends on whether or not you restrict who can sign in. If you allow anyone to sign in and create an account, then yes they will be public. But if you restrict sign in to only teachers, then all teachers will be private.


Again, it depends. Refer to my first answer.

See also below:

@Darren_Murphy Appreciate your reply!

Let’s take is a step further if it comes to Teachers.

Scenario A:
I’m running a close-beta for chosen users. I then set privacy settings so the app accepts only certain emails. Teachers are counted towards private users.

Scenario B:
I open app the app to the world. At this point, I don’t really have a way to limit it to Teachers, as there is nothing I can do in terms of domain etc. Therefore, anyone can create their account, and I just hope only Teachers will do so. Teachers are then counted towards public users.

And if I got it correctly, I can have as many visitors as I want - even if they purchase via the app - but as long as they do not create their account in my Glide app, they are not counted towards any limits.

I’m just afraid many dancers in the beginning may open to link to “check it out”. If I’d allow them to create accounts, I could run our of public users very quickly, while no revenue will come from these who are just curious :slight_smile:

Correct. In fact, anyone and everyone that signs in will be counted as private. But you’re controlling that, so that’s okay.

As long as you don’t start assigning roles, then yes all signed in users will be public.
The gotcha is of course is that there is nothing stopping any one from signing in and creating an account.


To be honest, the Glide business/pricing model isn’t really designed for this type of use case.


This is fantastic, thanks for such a detailed response.

I agree, Glide doesn’t seem to be the greatest fit for my use case. At the same time, I just want to have a minimum validation that the idea makes sense, before I commit loads of time for development in Flutterflow or Bubble.

For now, I’m creating many workarounds. E.g. to initiate checkout, upon clicking the button I send webhook to that generates the Checkout Session URL, I update the cell in Airtable, and have Wait for Condition module in the workflow. Once updated, the passed URL gets opened. I hope this will work as I expect in production as well!

Okay, good luck with it. The Community is always here to help if/when you get stuck along the way.

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