Protecting columns from editing: can't find((((

Hello! I’m trying to protect first colums of Сколько стоит учеба? but user still can chane it’s values. In admin panel (Data) i don’t have option to protect as column(((
I’m on Pro plan.

Can you just delete the component so they can’t change it?

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Hello, Jeff! I want them to see names of rows. Here you mentioned that there is function for protecting column.

Protected columns are only available for external data sources, such as google sheets. You don’t want that though. Marking a column as protected means it’s completely inaccessible to glide, the app, and any users. You wouldn’t be able to use or see the column in any way. You don’t want Protected Columns because it will not do what you want.

Like I said, if you have an entry component, but you don’t want users to change the value, then delete the component so they can’t make changes. If you still want them to see the value, then add a different component, such as the text component.


Thank you, Jeff! I’m sorry if i am slowpoke - can you explain about components? What should i do in table? Is it about type of column? Or smth else?

You don’t need to do anything in the table. Everything you need to do is in the front end designer.

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