Progress Bar


User have to tick all question.
How to make calculation a progress bar, if they tick or fill in the column the progress bar shows 100%.

A simple way:

  • Instead of putting ticks and crosses in each column, put 1 for done and 0 (or empty) for not done
  • Then create a math column that adds all the columns together
  • You can then use that in your progress bar. ie. if you have 12 columns and the sum is 6, then they are 50% complete.

Not presentable right if we put 1 instead of tick sign,
Is there any other ways?

There are lots of ways :wink:
For example, you could use an if-then-else column to decide what to display…

  • If 0, then cross
  • Else tick

For you information,
There a lot of column.
Let say I have 30 column do i need to make if-then-else for each?

Previously i make something like this:
Item 1 | Item 2 | IF Item 1 | IF Item 2
Tick | Tick | if item 1 tick show 1 | If item 2 tick show 1

But it is not applicable since i have a lot of column…

I don’t know if it could be ussable to you but if you create a new sheet with the questions (in the first col) and the answers in the second column ( with a user specific column in order not to erase the answers of another user ) then you can create a template column or a if then else that when it is a tick you put the email and if its a cross not and make a relation with your users sheet. Then maybe you can rollup how many emails dou you have there.

I know its a bit confusing to read that but if i can help you with something just tell me


Yes, laying out the questions in a single column would be a much better approach.

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Then you cannot see others answers because are user-specific but you can count them and displaying to that user.

Which is what you want i understand.

Hi adriasoce,

Thanks for throwing your idea.
But it is something like this?
Question 1 | Answer-Question 1 | if the else email 1 | Question 2 | Answer-Question 2 | if the else email 2 | Roll up if then else email 1 | Roll up if then else email 2

No, I mean to have a table like this

  • Column 1: Question
  • Column 2: Answer (user specific)
  • Column 3: pick the actual signed user with an if then else (if answer tick → email, else blank).

Then in your users sheet you can relate the email of the user with that newtable->column3 and then rollup (with count option) how many emails do you have there (which are the ticked answers) and there ou have the count for each user (only visible for them not for all).

Do you need to show to everybody how many ticks have all your users or only visible to each one their ticks?