Profile Screen - Mild Frustration?

I’m experiencing a few frustrations with the User Profile Screen. Maybe I’ve missed something if anybody can shed any light:

  1. It doesn’t seem possible to access this screen without manually using the hamburger menu. So I can’t use a “link to tab action” for example. I have to tell my user how to get there rather than just take them there.
  2. Conversely I can’t link to a tab from this screen. So I can’t take my user to a tab that has a list of their related entries for example. This means that I can’t use the profile screen as a “jumping off point” which would be really nice.
  3. I am forced to show Name and Email under the profile picture which is not relevant for certain apps where users might utilise an alias for example and email should never be shown

So, I hear you ask, just build your own profile screen. Well that’s a fair comment except for a couple of issues:

  1. As far as I know it’s not possible to hide the built in Profile Screen so my app ends up with 2x profile screens, which is super confusing.
  2. Also, as far as I know, there is no “sign out” action so the only place my users can sign out is from the built in screen, not from my own replacement.
  3. Finally, the built in screen has a really cool way of handling profile photos. It allows upload, delete and replace all from the same screen AND it provides a nice default photo. None of this is available in my own screen, not even with the new Title layouts.

So, in summary, could the team consider the following:

  1. In the built-in Profile Screen, allow hiding it, provide an action to link to it, allow actions to link from it, allow hiding name and email under the photo
  2. In general, add a sign out action and add Profile Screen photo functionality to the Title circular layout option

That would be much appreciated and make for slicker apps IMHO.


All valid points. +1. (I still have to build my own profile screens)


Ha! Good that I’m not missing something. Bad that you don’t have workarounds. :slight_smile:


Out of interest, how do you handle adding / changing and removing profile photos in your own “homemade” profile screens? Mine get quite complex because I try to always avoid the use of an image picker, since it’s quite ugly and can confuse users. So I normally use a combination of image control, with uploading action and a button for removing the image and visibility to switch bits of the UI on and off depending on whether a photo has been uploaded, plus some more logic to display a “default”. It works but it’s very complicated and laggy (due to visibility rules and time taken to upload).

I use two image components, one to display a default image and another to display the uploaded one. Both have the action “Upload image”

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That’s a valid point. I actually use the image picker in all of my apps though. I let them edit things in the native pencil edit screen.

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Doesn’t that mean you could upload into the default image though?

Sorry. I wrote that post in a hurry (and that’s not a good way to do things).
I have one component with two possible values, not two components. If when the users fills his profile fields he leaves the image blank a compound action sets that column with the default image.