🥳 Rename/Add Components to Glide's User Profile Screen!

You can now rename as well as add components underneath the image/name title on the built-in Glide User Profile screen


Amazing! NO WAYYYY!

However, we can’t allow users to edit :frowning:

Cool ‘hack’:

Adding components removes the ‘made with glide’ logo :smirk:

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You’d need some sort of relation to self within the table and an edit button that takes the user to a screen via this relation to modify the content. But you’re right.

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Good catch.

While this is pretty cool, I think it would be even better to be able to add a link to this tab from another “My Profile” tab. The current way to get to this area isn’t always obvious (menu, click name at top of menu). Alternatively, the way this is presented in the menu could be changed to a Tab display, so that it looks and behaves like a regular tab and takes the place of this Glide-generated Profile area.