Product No Longer Available

I had the buy button working previously. Now I get the dreaded “Product No Longer Available”. I’ve deleted and recreated the google Sheets tab more than once and reduced it to item #, Desc and Price. There are no row owners anywhere in my app and nothing being calculated in the 3 columns of the product tab.

Suggestions? This is the last item before I launch my app! HELP!

Thanks in advance!

I can successfully complete a purchase using a backup copy of my app that is not a PRO version. Not sure if this helps at all - but in the older backup copy, I have much more complicated products tab with calculations and it works. I’m at a loss for what I did to my PRO version app to make this no longer work. So frustrating.

Okay … fixed? Here is what I think I figured out. I had turned off auto-publishing because I thought that could help me further develop my app with the confidence that if I broke something, I could discard changes. Well … as soon as I restored auto-publishing, the test transactions worked. I tried publishing the changes first while leaving auto-publishing off - and got the same “Item no longer available” error message. So, with nothing left to lose, I restored auto-publishing and FINALLY my test transaction worked.

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Thanks for the insight shared. I think I felt into the same situation some days ago but haven’t had time to debug.

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