Problems to connect with the google sheet file source (not resolved)

the other topic was close but no resolve I was trying:

" SantiagoPerezSupport Team & Certified Expert.: Has intentado hacer una copia de la Gsheets, y reemplazarla en Glide.? Una vez que hagas la copia vas a settings > data > replace Por lo general eso ayuda con cualquier problema que puedas tener"


Oh sheet!

Something went wrong replacing the spreadsheet."

Hassan_Nadeem :you try duplicating the app and sheet? If the problem still persists you should submit a ticket.”
but don’t have good result the system say:

"An error occurred duplicating the app.

most cases this is caused by a large and/or complex Google sheet. Delete all rows and columns that your app is not using or there is no data. Glide will append rows as needed so you can remove all empty rows below the existing data on all of your sheets. Then try to duplicate the app again."

Please I have 3 days with this problem

Hello good morning

I have the same problem as the first time, but now worse, the page where I have the profiles or the data does not load for three days, I did everything, try not to open from another browser, private mode, clean the cache of the 3 browsers, force the update I have made many changes in the source file while I was waiting for it to update but it does not happen, the file is still unchanged and giving an error when I update it.

Please if you can help me. thank you buenos dias

Tengo el mismo problema que la primera vez, pero ahora peor, no me carga la hooja donde tengo los perfiles ni la data desde hace tres dias, hice de todo intentadno abrir desde otro navegador, private mode, limpiar el cache de los 3 navegadores, forzar la actualizacion he hechos muchos cambios en el archivo fuente mientras esperaba que actualizara pero no sucede, el archivo sigue estando sin modificaciones y dando error cuando le doy actualizar.

Por favor si me pueden ayudar. muchas gracias

hello somebody to help ? what can i do? please i have a lot time spend in this project, Can i receive help from support?

Have you submitted a ticket to support?

no yet but I going to do it. thanks Jeff, you’re always there

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nothing jet. Some body with this issue please

Please, check your email!

Hola Carlos!

Tu enviaste un ticket. Por fa, revisa tu correo ya que te hemos enviado información que te ayudará a solucionar el problema.

Aquí tienes varias manera de pasar tus 45k+ filas a Glide Table

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