Problem with linking between tabs in flow

Hey guys,

I am not able to link back to the dashboard at the end of my flow.

See below rough sketch of the flow:

  1. dashboard in tab menu: list component with “new screen” starts into flow. several screens linked behind each other with “new screen”
  2. Last screen of the flow links with “go to tab” to the score in menu.
  3. Now I want to link back from score to dashboard with “go to tab”.

Problem: When testing this flow in the glide FE development view, dashboard in step 3 is highlighted, but FE doesn´t display dashboard. What could be the problem? I tested with other screens in the menu. Links to any other screen works, except dashboard.

On your last screen in the flow, create a multi-step action with a series of “Go Back”, and then finishing with a “Go To Tab” action. Something like this:

(Ignore the second last step, I just took a screen shot from one of mine)


I would also suggest a series of Go Back actions. Not sure if a following Go To Tab action is necessary if you have the correct number of Go Backs, but I could be wrong.

I wonder if a series of two Go To Tab actions would work. Because normally, if you tap on a tab button twice, then it takes you back to the top level of a tab.

@Martina_G the problem you are having could be because you are trying to go to the dashboard tab, which might still be stuck on that last New Screen view??? Normally, when you switch between tabs, it will retain the position of whichever screen you are viewing in that tab. So a Go To Tab action might be taking you back to where you left off on dashboard tab before going to the score tab. Then again, if your tabs are in the side menu, then it might be working differently from how I expect it to work.


@Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager thanks a lot! Implementation works just with the Go Back actions, no Go To Tab actions needed anymore.


Yeah, as Jeff pointed out the Go To Tab action at the end may or may not be necessary. It really depends on where you started from. In the example that I gave you (which was from one of my apps) it actually was necessary.

Anyway, glad you got it working :+1:

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