Problem syncing with Google Sheets


Newbie question. Free Tier.

  • Google sheets is failing to sync

    • What I did: Created a new sheet in the google sheets. And wanted to use that to create a new tab. But the sheet does not show up in the source drop down.
    • Re-logged in multiple items… cleared out cache… logged using browser in private mode.
    • None of the above helps.
    • I also do not see the RELOAD button anywhere.
  • How I verified this is not syncing:

    • Created a brand new app and connected it to the same google sheet
    • All the sheets within that show up in the new app.

Please help!

The reload should show when you hover over the data icon.

Any chance you went over your sheet edit quota for the month?

:pray: :pray: :pray:

thank you!!!

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