Problem in getting email


I have done 2 similar projects.

In one project I successfully getting email in my order set as row owner.

In second project I’m not getting the email in my order history.

May I know the problem?

Hola @Manikandan_R

How are you populating the order history?

Populating from product list

With a form? Id so, check if you are passing the email either as a special value or from profile column.

Not form.From button.In action I have created rows in orders table.

Are you passing the email through the action?

Do you have any screenshots/videos of your setting?

Is this you want?
Yes passing through the action

Sorry, I meant a screenshot of your action in the action editor.

Got it man.sorry I didn’t add email column to it.thanks you for your questions.your questions solves it.

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