Privacy settings and Sign-in Advice

HI guys. I would like to get your guidance on the right privacy settings for my app?

I have created an app that is a basic directory for my community. I will be the only one updating the information on the app and I want everyone else to be able to browse through the content.
Since it’s going to be free to users, I want to select the best privacy settings that won’t end up costing me extra (I am currently on the maker plan).

If I choose a public app with optional sign in, will all the users be public users? I like the idea of seeing the public users count but I don’t want any private users.

Or should I be selecting No sign-in? In that case, will I see any indication of persons using the app?

Sorry if this topic has been discussed too many times but I still feel a little confused and nervous about it.

What I have discussed in the forum are the following two important parts to calculate your users as public:

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Ok great, I have those 2 checked.

I also selected Optional sign-in.

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Just be aware that the new plans do not make any distinction between Public and Private users.
Anyone that signs in is just a User, regardless of your Privacy settings.
The other thing your should be aware of is that on the Maker plan, only those Users with personal email addresses will be permitted to sign in. Users with Business email addresses will not be permitted to sign in at all.

If I was you, given the intended use of the App, I would set it to No Sign In.


Then what will be used as the basis for user identification? Dummy email?

Did you want your community members to do anything other than browse? Do you have to apply to become part of the community or is it 100% open to the public? If its the ladder, then I would make it No Sign in.

ok thanks

When there is no sign in, there is no user identification.

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It’s going to be 100% open to the public. But I want to encourage businesses and groups to have me to post their details so I wanted to be able to show some indication of app usage. Not the full analytics because that will cost me more.

Lately I’ve started to feel tired. :smile:

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well it’s too early for me to feel tired. I’m still in the noob stage. :laughing:

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You can add Google Analytics to show traffic

thanks Joe. What is the cost to implement this?
Is it a flat fee or will it generate updates that I have to pay for whenever there is a visitor to the app?

With a little bit of creativity, you could implement your own basic analytics. As long as you’re using native tables, you won’t have to worry about updates. Although depending how you do it, you may need to keep an eye on row count.

hmm… this sounds good. Yes, I’m using the native tables. How can I do it? :slight_smile:

Well, lets imagine that your directory has a list of businesses, and you’d like to know which of those has the most views.

In the simplest form, what you could do is add a number column to your Businesses table to use as a counter, and every time a user clicks a Business to view the details, use a custom action to increment that counter by 1.

You might want to take that a step further, and record the date of each click, so that you can start analysing trends. In this case, you’d probably want a separate Event Log table, and then every time a user views a Business you’d add a row to that table, recording the BusinessID and the date/time.

This is where you’d have to keep an eye on row count, because if you have lots of users then you’ll have lots of rows being added as they click around.

An even more advanced approach would be to maintain a JSON structure in your Businesses table where you store the entire history associated with that Business in a single row. But describing how to set that up would probably require a 1 hour tutorial video :wink:

Anyway, hopefully the above gives you the general idea.


Since the question of public vs private users came up. Is your app in a legacy plan or a new plan? In a new plan there is no concept or public and private users. Also, it’s only in New plans where updates are not counted in glide tables.

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I love this, thanks! I would gladly sit through the 1-hr tutorial if you make one!

Hi @Jeff_Hager . Thanks for that info. I have both the new (pages) and the Classic but will most likely continue with the new plan since I’ve been experiencing some bugs on the Classic.

I only just finished recreating the app in the new version last night.

That’s Classic vs New apps, but there is also Legacy vs New plans.