Privacy, row owners and apple ios 11 and 12 bug?

With the new pricing plan, does this mean that we can only create apps that only 1 row user is the row owner? How do I make data available so that the row owner is the person who provided their data and the admin owners of the app?

I also seem to have an issue from my customer that the visibility and row owner features doesn’t work on iphone 11 and 12 and ipad pro. Has anyone encountered similar issues (as i don’t have any of these products to test and the GlideApps preview does not show these errors)?

Row owners is not limited to one user.

The whole idea is that you can have multiple users and limit the data and/or permissions of that user based upon your requirements of the app.

I use apple products and no issues experienced.

I would suggest that you check that you have set it up correctly

A few guides to help you


Thanks for that! Will look into it further.