Privacy Question

Hi fellow Gliders,

Maybe these questions needs answering from Glide, but I’ll give it a go here too in the hope that some of you have knowledge or insights?:

Which of Glide’s sub-processors touch data entered into Glide by App / Page Users? (As opposed to my information as a developer) Glide • Subprocessors – Is it only Google Cloud Platform, provided I use Glide Tables and doesn’t trigger functions that call the other sub-processors?

Is there a way to choose “EU based version of GCP” or is this or something similar on your future roadmap? This would make a lot of things easier for all Glide users in EU, relative to GDPR (GCP offers this, and it would be awesome if this option was also possible to select from a Glide Account).

Are there any plans / current ways to encrypt data on device-level, e.g. encrypted by a private key (BYOK encryption) at transfer and rest? GCP supports this too, so maybe it can be activated “fairly easily” (no such thing, I know). Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)

I want to help!
Getting more clarity on these aspects are super important for any Glide User in the EU, and I really hope Glide is able to prioritise this as part of their growth journey. @david , @Mark and the team at Glide: I’m happy to help… I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and maybe a dialogue around this could be a first step?


Hey there, have you seen this long thread already?

Thanks @christian_k – I hadn’t!
It’s a great thread, but it doesn’t really provide the answers I’m after.

At the heart of things: Glide is currently not GDPR compliant with the existing setup and documentation, and I would love to get some clarity (roadmap, dialogue, solutions, documentation) that would enable me and everyone else to use Glide to build apps with user data in it (= peace of mind).

I would hate to have to switch platform, or develop my app from scratch, as I love using Glide and feel I can grow my business better and faster using Glide (if only GDPR is solved…)