Printing to a bluetooth label printer

To help ease the process of registering and enrolling our players, I was hoping to be able to use Glide to print to a bluetooth enabled label printer (Polono bluetooth thermal shipping label printer). Polono tech support recommends downloading the Shipping Printer pro from Apple Store or Google Play. Please see the image below.


It’s a real possibility I think:

If your printer is already installed on your device (phone or PC) and can print any document, I think you could use the @Loqode 's solution creating a HTML template earlier and send it to your printer

Here is how all this works 🎓 Create Unlimited FREE PDF's (No Integrations/Fees)

Saludos @Ethan_Nguyen

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Really curious to know if this solution works for this Printer…


Would it be possible to make edits to what’s being printed out, like font size? I would like to print the name tags during our basketball evaluation (2000 kids), and would like to print them out on 4X6 labels.


Simply create an HTML template with the correct font, size, color , etc to generate your print-ready HTML page. Watch the video associated to solution 🎓 Glide Tutorial - Create Unlimited FREE PDF's - YouTube

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