Print from Mobile device

Hi everyone,

My use case is the following: we need to print some transaction receipts from the mobile device for our clients. We use for such a bluetooth mobile printer. I understand there is no native printing function on Glide so far, but should anyone have a workaround, it will be welcome

Thanks in advance


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You could show the user the sharing options so they can select the printer from there.

Create a button and bind it to the column with the documents you want printed. Go to the button component > features > actions > show sharing options.

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@Jaime, if I have and order, or some budgets I’ve done for that client, can I connect to a Bluetooth printer doing so?

I’m second guessing myself now because I can’t see the print icon come up in glide on a button with sharing options enabled. It comes up in the native iCloud app on iOS though…

This could probably be achieved with Google cloud print and a printer with cloud access or a printer connected to a dedicated computer, along with a script or zapier integration. I don’t know about printing directly from the app to a Bluetooth printer.

The button to sharing options to print works if the user has the printer’s application installed. eg, one of the options for me is to share the value to the “Epson iPrint” app

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Many thanks for all your contributions and quick answers. The button to sharing options should be fine to me.