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I am considering approaching some businesses to build them an inventory management system (both internal and external).
Building it is not a problem, pricing is difficult. Maker plan only provides 500 updates, which is 17 updates per day, which is peanuts. So, the next plan is Team, which gives me about 167 updates per day (5K/month). This won’t be enough for all types of clients but may work for some.
I wanted to hear your experience on how you price your services.


What data source are you using?

If you start with Glide Tables there are no headaches or charges for updates.


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From their pricing page:

Updates are used to change data and sync changes from external data sources like Google Sheets or Airtable. Integrations and the Glide API also use updates.

You can purchase additional updates by enabling unlimited usage.

So, as @gvalero said, you can take away the data change/sync change updates by using Glide Tables, as long as you don’t use an Enterprise or other custom plan. On those plans, updates may count regardless of data source.

I didn’t remember that when using an Enterprise plan, there is a charge if we use Glide Tables.

I thought it applied to all plans.



Yes, i could use Glide tables, but i prefer to host data somewhere else, as contingency.

From what i understand some Actions also count towards updates. Is that true?

Some actions use updates, but most don’t.
Any action that will incur updates will tell you that when you configure it.


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You can buy more updates on all plans. What is their budget? It should be pretty affordable.

From client’s perspective, they pay monthly and have an expectation that this price will remain the same throughout the year. There is an opporunity to adjust pricing at renewal at the end of the year. But if the business starts growing during the year and I will have to start buying more updates, which will cut into my profits.

Your client should pay directly for Glide, rather than you reselling it to them. They should understand that Glide has a consumption-based model, where the more they use, the higher the price. If you try to hide this from them, the more they succeed (their usage grows), the less money you will make, which does not sound like a healthy relationship!

If you join our Expert program and sell as a Glide Agency, you get a lot of resources including a special Glide plan, and revenue share, so the more your client spends, the more you earn, not less.

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Appreciate your replying back, David. Not everyday you get to chat with CEO.

Some details of the Expert program are unclear. As an expert, I get Business Plan for $99/month. Let’s say I bring in a client, this means I earn 20% of $99?

If you have an Agency plan, that is for your own use, not for clients. With that you can create new teams for your client with an automatic 30 day free trial. Your client would enter their own billing information into that new team to handle the plan payments. When you create a team for your client, you are part of that team and you get revenue share from it.

The point is your clients pay for their own plan. Not you. Most of your income would come from your expertise. I believe that is how most experts handle it. Charge accordingly for your expertise and time to develop and maintain the app (even if it’s just a retainer), but let the client pay for the plan themselves.


Thanks Jeff, this is the best explanation i’ve read so far. It should be on top of the Agency page.

That being said, explaning to less sophisticated client about usage and billing is an additional hurdle within already difficult sales process. I aim to give a fixed monthly price that will factor in the increase of usage (lets say 25%). If the usage consitently high, then I would revisit the pricing with the client.

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