Glide Table Updates Costs

I am trying to understand Glides Updates Cost, on their pricing page they state:


I remember seeing somewhere that this does not apply for Glide Tables but on their Updates Docs pages they are not mentioned or excluded at all and the Glides Tables Docs has also no refence to this subject.

Thing is that I can see Updates being counted against my limit and was just wondering if this is normal or not since all apps are based on Glide Tables without any external datasources.

Add, Edit, and Delete updates have always counted on Glide Tables. What doesn’t count are Syncs, because nothing has to be synced with an external data source.

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@Jeff_Hager My Bad, thank you.

Thing is that this Update Cost leaves me to question my idea in using Glide for my Clients!

Lets say one has a Pro Plan with quite a few apps published, quite a few users using the apps on a daily basis, each app with 1000s + Rows but capped by 10 000 Updates.

Thing is that many users insert & update the same record several times till they are sure all is inserted, especially on longer forms.

I have seen Users creating a new Product by just inserting the Reference, saving and then editing the rest :).

It seems therefore to me difficult to estimate/calculate the cost each client should pay since there are to many variables.

What would be the best way then, open an account for each client and let them be responsible for it?

Your clients should pay for Glide directly.

@david Thanks, seems to be the best way, since we wish to concentrate on building :).

You can help with their costs by making more fields required as well.


I am a single developer moving from over to Glide, have already passed Level 1 and wish to become an Expert ASAP.

Creating individual accounts for each client is fine with me since it brings revenue to Glide and some revenue share for us experts.

Thing is that, in my case, I will use Glide strictly for client work and have no need in using Glide for myself at all.

But in order to develop Glide somehow efficiently I would have to subscribe, at the minimum, to your PRO (or BUSSINESS) plan, which in my case makes no sense at all.

Seems like CATCH 22 to me :).

PS Just wondering how other Experts deal with this?

You want to run a software development business on Glide, but paying $99/mo for your account is beyond your reach? I don’t think I have a solution for you if that’s the case—this strikes me as an extremely small amount to pay for what could be the primary dev and hosting platform for your business.


I thing you miss understood me:

I have no problem at all in spending $99, $249 or more when it includes development and hosting, but I have read in several places (like this one) that it is the preferred way of Glide that clients have their own account.

But, if its OK to include client hosting in our own account then that’s fine with me, subject closed.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Your client should have their own account, and you should develop and host the app in that account.