I think my project is about to die!

Hey all

I’ve been building with glide for a few week now, my solutions is designed however, I’m now realising that it might not be fully viable in Glide due to the pricing, specifically due to this:

Set Column Values, Increment, Add Row, and Delete Row actions each use one update when they run.

I need to do calculations when buttons are pressed, meaning one action can take up 4 updates. I estimate 30,000 updates a month on this basis, meaning I’m at a loss based on the price of $10 per 1000 updates.

I can however, buy 1000 operations for $0.50 on Make…

So I’m wondering if I’m actually best to offload processing to Make utilising Webhooks and then syncing Glide with Airtable (or another 3rd party data source) where the processed actions will stored, before syncing back to Glide. This should mean I at least half the update usage with the way Glide syncs to Airtable.

Has anyone tried anything like this or got any advice on the idea?

I think we’ve all run into update issues on here. What I had to do was switch from custom forms to regular forms as a form submission + actions = 1 update as its all submitted at once. That goes for Edit screens as well. Ive also had to rely on native the search and filter options on inline lists as those I believe are free. Pages has a better filter UX than Apps imo. In doing so, I was able to reduce my updates from 4 to 1 per submission.

Pricing wise, its approximately $0.01 per Update used / $1 per 100 / $10 per 1000 if that helps with pricing your product.


Yes I’m definitely going to have to be creative to make this work! I think I can make my Make/Airtable combo work as I don’t think I can do all of the calculations I need on a form. Off down a rabbit whole I go… Really hope I haven’t wasted loads of time here!

We all are suffering with Glide prices…

  • is too expensive for small projects
  • small projects also need api calls and we have to upgrade to a 100/monthly plan which is non-viable (for small projects).
  • Zero considerations for clients living in countrys with poor economy, when another no-code tools lower they prices based on your localization …
  • too expensive compared with another no-code tools.

But if you could remove the “price problem”, Glide would be much more successful and would be massive


Btw Calculated columns do not add to your updates. Only data changes such as add/delete/update rows. But things like temp/ite/roll ups/ etc do not count

I also use Pages that allows for multiple form components to be on the same screen, just hidden based on visibility. So for example, if a user turns on a switch and hits submits, it runs a specific action that returns them back to the form screen but now only shows the second form that also has its unique custom action. But if the switch is not turned on then they never see the second form. Like you said, just gotta br more creative that will hopefully lead you to be less resource intensive.

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Yeah the prices do seem a bit excessive and are are hard to decipher at first. I feel like I been caught out here!

I’m at MVP stage here, so budget is tight! If we can prove the product, then prices becomes less of a concern.

But, of course, we’ve got to get there first!

Hi Wayne, in Latam almost all Glide users are migrating to FlutterFlow… a famous example is a Youtuber who was creating a considerable amount of Glide tutorials (for free) and with the last price update he made a video called “I no longer recommend using Glide Apps for developing apps”

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To be honest I’m now looking at Adalo, will take a look at FlutterFlow too.

I may continue with Glide in the short term but it doesn’t seem viable with limited rows and updates even on the pro plan. Even the business plan is very restrictive. I can live with the limited rows, but it’s the updates that are the killer here. I’ve managed to half them, but still doesn’t feel comfortable at all.

I fear I may have wasted a lot of time and will now be set back by weeks.

It is really hard to understand what your usage and update/activity will look like until you actually design the solutions, and it feels like with this pricing, you could easily get caught in a trap…

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Yes, it is a trap… and Adalo is not different, I’ve been there and I flew away, so, be careful.

Thanks for the advice.

FlutterFlow look interesting but seems to be mobile only, I can’t see anything on their site about web apps.

At least the pricing for Adalo is much more competitive than Glide.

Wayne, you should do a more deep investigate…




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I find myself in the same situation that the person in the video describes, it really strikes me that few people are complaining about this.
I have two applications working, which go from costing me 28 dollars to 300, one of them and the other will cost 150. Even though we already had payment for the entire year.How do you propose to the client that it increased, in this way? we lose the customer and credibility.

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Are there any additional cost to FlutterFlow. Do they charge for actions? Do you need to pay for Google Firebase separately?

It looks like an advanced platform not dissimilar to Microsoft Power App which would work well for me.

I’ve just had a conversation with my client, luckily they are ok to look at pay-go-you-go prices for transactions whilst we prove the product. If we get enough interest then we will move to FlutterFlow or Power Platform.

Appgyver uses Firebase, and you must pay for it separately there. If you have to manage it separately (meaning it is not integrated into the product invisibly), you will be paying for it separately.

It looks like flutterflow is a good solution. I am also building applications in guide apps. Even 25,000 updates for pro doesn’t seem to be a lot.