Price and strategic Glide's choice and new components

Just a thought .
I was thinking this.
Glide was the first no code framework that let me create my PWA for real and for a good price, unfortunately things have changed and now the starter pack its a real limit while 99 that is way too much , i understand costs but this way with Flutter ( FlutterFlow, Teta, Dhiwise ,Codelessly,Blup,Nowa ) and React-Vue ( Weweb,, Teleporthq ,Strapi, Plasmic, Wappler, Fliplet, PandaSuite, Noodl,Valhalla) frameworks + Pocketbase ,Supabase , with 30 or less price for their services i think there is the risk to lose a lot of customers while Glide would me amazing as Crud backend with free api.Ex,FlutterFlow with Glide as backend for data Then " two" aspects Glide needs to put some love on it ,for me,are : 1-UI builder in terms of Design System ,why not put Figma import ? Rich Text Editor is my saviour for Css but …; 2.New Components : New audio player with playlists (by Json ) , new in app subscriptions module ,tik tok video style or video backgrounds ,new carousels and cards with ala Tinder swipe, new bottom bar , tab bar , new Tablet, Desktop mode , new Dark mode togglers and pulsating skeletons in order not to show a the place where elements are still loading with tha ugly greish images simbolizing images or elements etc .With all those limits i have to say its also very satisfying ( and with this great people on the community, God bless you ) to achieve the result you see here below. so,what you think ? I hope to see Glide evolving with some of the things i mentioned above.My pinch of salt.