Prevent account sharing/fraud / collect users IPs

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I am making an app for my paying customers but I just realized there is no way to prevent users to share their accounts.
Even manually, it is impossible to understand who might be cheating or not because we only have email+timestamp when a user logs in.
Is their a way to collect more info such as IP, MAC adress, so we can at least manually detect which accounts are suspicious ?
Looking for some workarounds to prevent fraud :slightly_smiling_face:

This had been discussed here:

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your answer, I already read this other topic and were wondering if there was some workarounds especially with IPs/ MAC adresses.

You would have to go pro to get the kind of services you seek. Any hosting company would br able to block for a few extra dollars all signed in users if more than two persons using same email address.

@ifls No workarounds that I’m aware of.

@Wiz.Wazeer what Pro feature would prevent an email from being used on multiple people’s devices? (This is assuming that the email owner would share out each pin for each sign in).

Ok, Jeff, what I meant was putting the app on a premium domain and then using the hosting companies services to track user by location. There are only 4 ways you can mask IP addresses. VPN, TOR, Proxy Server and Public WiFi. Unless the site being visited is a very private one (you know what I mean), it’s highly unlikely that ordinary Joe bloggs would be bothered about hiding his IP address. Even where same email is used IP/MAC would not be same as each (and you know better than me) device has its own unique MAC and IP. So if same user email is signing in from different locations at the same time or different times of the day from different locations (say, London and New York), they would be found out. Most ISP can and do provide that to the Hosting Provider (where they are two different companies) information for a premium. As for password sign in. Again, regardless of who has access to your password, location will always be different if it is not you.

This also possible on, Glide being the host of all our free apps. They just need to have a chat with their service provider and it could be sorted out for a premium.

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Personally, I don’t think it would fair to ask Glide to police our Free apps. They already are doing us all a huge favour by providing us free app building tools to no doubt considerable expense to Glide. I am just grateful. Tx Glide!

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If you know the OSI Model, MAC addresses are layer 2 addresses in a frame and IP addresses are layer 3 addresses in the packet. Only packets will cross a router and only IPs travel across internet

Only devices belonging to same network can know/use MAC (hosts and switches) to send packets but when they want to send data behind their own network the routers take that job and route the packets based on the IP address.

All this will create a new frame encapsulation for the new link using the router’s MAC address (not host) for the new frame. As a packet moves from router-to-router to its final destination, the only surviving source MAC address will be that of the final router therefore, Glide o any web Server will never know the original MAC (device) that started the connection.

I think TCP/IP v6 has this capability but I’m not sure, anyway, it looks difficult to carry out with current Glide’s features


Gvalero, I’m sure you are right comrade. My only observation would be that MAC addresses are not used for tracing ppl becz by law MAC addresses do not have to be registered with any central database. Therefore, no way of knowing who stole your laptop immediately. It’s a process. This NIC address can be used fir other things. You can block MAC addresses through what’s called MAC address filtering. The moment you implement this on your router anyone using devices that don’t comply with your approved listing of MAC addresses, are immediately kicked off your Wi-Fi. But that’s not important. To trace a location you would need IP address, not MAC address. So when I sign into Glide, my IP address is captured. I just checked it. Shows my correct location. Now, if you logged in with my User email from another part of the world, it would show two IP addresses for same email address. Beyond that nothing. Hope I’ve clarified it a little for you.

Tx comrade.


I know what you mean. If there will be some blocking process, it will be using the IPs and not MACs

Your router makes MAC filtering because is in the same network of devices controled by it (vía WiFi o wired) but beyond, it loses this capability.

I have had this kind of problem and discussion with IT people before working with devices using protocols different to TCP/IP (layer 3) like old Siemens S5 PLCs… they think they can control external connections using a Firewall (layer 3 only) when these use a protocol based on MAC (H1).

Bye friend, take care


Hi Jeff and Gvalero, and members.

I’ve got some updates. I’ve added a birthday calculator to CALCULUS. this uses arrayformula to count the age in days, months and years, current age, next birthday, next age, days away from next age and a message confirming days remaining until a person’s next birthday.

Why is this important ?

  1. As an aside, Glide documentation on array formulas is correct but the one displayed for counting age is wrong.
  2. When I created the reset button for clearing numbers, I relied entirely as you know on the Glide Data Editor. You cannot feed arrayformulas as far as I know into the data editor.
  3. I relied entirely on google spreadsheet for all the calculations. This is important because normally as Gvalero has experienced the onChange script hasn’t worked for him so far.
  4. I created a single reset button to clear the birthday data using the 0 trick and it fires back and forth (perhaps takes a few milliseconds extra). So onChange might not be needed for clearing digits afterall when you consider the complex formulas and dates used in building the birthday calculator.

Take a look at it. Tx.

@Wiz.Wazeer my friend, I think you put your update in the wrong post! :rofl:

I could work with onChange() event finally … a rare error in my code was the source of my problems and confusion.



Does that mean I’m getting relegated to Basic for posting in the wrong place :rofl: need to read the rules again :slightly_smiling_face: