Simultaneous Logins

I have an app that is Pro version and use Whitelist but wondered if the person could share their email address with friends and have multiple people logging in with the same email address. I don’t wan them to be able to do this… Single login with email…

That could happen probably. There is no way to tie an email with a device via MAC/IP so far.

The only thing I can imagine is to count the times that a user has logged-in and set a limit (like when a user try installing and registering a software with the same serial). When the limit is reached, your APP will send you an advice or email and later you will carry out the actions to avoid this rare behavior.

It’s just an idea! Good luck


@Jeff_Hager linked my post regarding this same issue. I know it’s a concern a lot of us have, but I’ve actually seen that my users are not sharing credentials like I expected. I attribute that to the way I presented/marketed my app and the way I hide and connect to VIP content throughout the app. I expressed the importance of login security with users and how emails would be directly linked to unique pin codes. I think hammering that in their minds deters them from sharing. I mean who wants to keep checking their email for pins all day long? And how do you know which pin gets triggered for who? I really focused on that message and I think it helped more than anything.

Ultimately, the only true way to secure our apps is through device limitation. We just need to do our best until that gets built out.