IP address pre-authorization for api access

An api service provider requires pre-authorization of the IP to access the data, to whitelist it.
Do you have any suggestions to avoid making me buy a server for this login? :sweat_smile:
I don’t think it’s possible to have the Glide backend one, or maybe it’s possible?
I can’t even use google apps script because it has an exaggerated list of possible (and dynamic, I think) authorized IP addresses, but my service provider only wants one.

If I were to venture a guess, isn’t an API call from the app executed on the end user’s device? Maybe a webhook is different and runs on glide servers (since I believe a user is required to be signed in), but I assume that something like a javascript column or a Fetch JSON column would be bypassing glide servers altogether, so the IP would largely depend on whatever the end user’s IP is. Even if it was executed from a glide server, I would imagine that there are several load balanced servers involved, so there would be several different IP’s.

I don’t know. I feel like it would be hard to lock down a static IP in this case. Especially if you are only allowed one. I suppose they would allow a whitelisted DNS name?


Thanks for your thoughts Jeff.
Here the scenario is designed for traditional accounting management software systems, so that the supplier’s API is enabled for the static IP address of the company LAN router.
This API provides item data that are implemented in the company’s management system.
It is a service created for a narrow circle of the supplier’s customers.
No, a DNS whitelist is not managed but an IP whitelist.
I understand that it is a special case.
Probably the only thing to do will be to put a script in PHP in the middle, to be executed on the side of a server that I will have to take on purpose.
I guess there are no other solutions … :thinking: