Pre-populate field in Edit Action with User Info

Hello, I have what I think should be an easy problem but can’t seem to figure it out.
When a user in my database logs into the app, I want the app to lock the user down when the edit screen comes up (since it knows who is logged in, I should have a way to pre-populate the field choice as the current user since it is pulling the field choices from the user database).

However I can’t figure out how to do this. So the current user has to pick themselves from a list of all the users in the database.

I’m trying to eliminate this step.

Is there a way to “pre-populate” the field in the edit action to default to the current user’s profile information?

Thank you.

That doesn’t look like a native Edit screen. Is that a Form container or did you create your own custom edit form on a detail screen?

Based on how it looks, I would assume that it’s a native Form Container. Just know that it’s for Adding rows. Not Editing rows.

Anyway, native forms allow you to set defaults, and you can pull those defaults from the user profile.

Also, you could remove the Requester component altogether, and instead set the requester by using one of the special values in the Additional Columns section to the right. That’s probably what you really want.


Thank you. As a beginning member I was only allowed to upload one photo. I have one native form container and one Edit action.

With the form container I have to push a button so it isn’t automatic. I’m still having problems. With the form container because the pulldown list is a lookup, it has no way to do a default value.

I was able to do this:

But then I have to push a button to load the user. I’m wondering if there is another way…

There is, and Jeff already described it for you:


Thank you this is so helpful and solved my problem 100%!

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