Possible to dynamically respond to user input?

I have a series of levels I want my users to clear.
Each level has different number of series of questions.
Depending on the user’s answer to each question, I’d like to dynamically show the next series of questions.

I tried using basic text and switch components.
But not all levels have the same # of questions so some levels are showing empty questions with switches. (there also doesn’t seem to be a way to make each answer required to be able to move onto the next question).

I was thinking of using multiple relations or if then column features, but these don’t seem to be applicable per cell either.

Is there any other feature that would allow me to achieve this? For the user experience, I’m hoping to achieve something like logic jump on Typeform https://help.typeform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029116392-What-is-Logic-Jump-

Thank you!

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When you are on an add/edit or form screen, you can set Required for components, but I’m guess you are in a detail view mode with entry components. My only thought would be some creative use of the Visibility setting for each component to show or hide certain components based on the value of other components or column values. That way you can hide or show buttons or lists that wold be required to proceed to the next level.

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