Popup screen and then disappear

I have a registration/onboarding process where users have to fill up a few things before considered complete and allowing them to access the full menus.

I do notice that the main thing people forget is adding a profile picture. I am thinking to relax this to allow users to still access the full menus even they miss attaching the profile picture.
I want to do a pop-up (a button) to show them what they are missing to complete their registration and I want this to disappear within say 10 secs…so this message will pop-up every time they login and then disappear until they take action

Suggestions please on how to make the pop-up disappear within 10 secs or other specified time.

Hello, @Mns_Glide

What I guess it could be great it’s a few of screens to ask these needed informations, like I did creating an Onboarding flow. Take a look throughout this topic


I’m not aware that this is possible as described, but what you could do is have a “Nag” screen that only appears when the user profile image is empty. This screen could include a reminder/prompt to add a pic, with a button or other component to skip/dismiss.


If you could find a way to write the current date/time to a sheet along with clearing another column used for acknowledgement after they log in…maybe through some action on a button that they only see when they sign in…then add 10 seconds to that time with a math column…then you can show a component on the screen if the calculated time is greater than the current time. Just a random thought.


A few days ago I had the same idea and with the help of Robert it was solved is possible with a script assuming B is email (user)
={“STAR”;ArrayFormula(SI(LARGO(B2:B),TEXTO(BUSCARV(B2:B,{‘App: Logins’!B2:B,‘App: Logins’!A2:A},2,0),“m/d/yyyy”),""))}
and four columns a date that will have the login time (app login)(STAR)
math (END)that will add 10 seconds to the entry time( Date + 1/24/60/6)
math ( Now )that will be the trigger between the two columns and an ITE that will make the comparisons(if NOW its before to STAR then 0) (if NOW is after END then 0 )else 1

One thing to bear in mind is that once a user is logged in, then Glide will keep them logged in (indefinitely?)

So any method that uses App: Logins will only work for the very first time a user logs in, and thereafter only again if they deliberately log out and in again (or are logged out). That is, it won’t trigger every time they open the app.


yea :sweat_smile:
you are right in the end user onboarding would be your solution

Investigating a bit, I think that if you use an action (if the image its empty) set column and update current time (user specifies time) and add the previous process, it will be able to display the message, perhaps not on the first page but on the first action of user

I did something like this for our employee app. But i used a script that when it was empty after the name column was full it would enter a flase in the column then with false it would remove it after 15 seconds this triggers a visibility on the prompt to add a photo and when it refreshes it is set to empty and it is no longer visible.

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