Advertising popup

I use a fake advertising popup that opens only once per session where the amount reaches 3500 invites you to buy 5000 for a 10% discount and free shipping.
The aesthetics need to be improved a lot, but it is a work in production.
I was inspired by some ideas from. @Lucas_Pires, @Messias_Carvalho. Thank you


App is too good.Notification is wonderful…I also want to use this feature in my app…can you please let me know how you were able to achieve it

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@chethan_M, this is the code i use to display the image. In my app they are public without login.

<a style="position: fixed; width: 75%; top:45%; right: 13%; z-index: 1;"> <img src="" /></a>

I hope to explain myself in a simple way.
With the code I insert an image on the screen. I condition this to not appear before $ 3,500.
parallel to this I put the image to close. I insert it as a normal image in the editor.
This will only appear when the same condition shows the popup.
and the image has an increment action. and the visibility of the same is when the column where the increase is equal to 0. where that changes. hides the image close and the popup.
any questions you tell me


Thanks you very much…I will try out this popup option in my app…

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Nice trick! When we have triggered actions, this will be even more powerful.

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