Reveal button after x seconds


Is there any possibility to display a button after a set number of seconds after viewing a screen?

Not possible. You need a trigger to set the timestamp first. A topic similar to your problem is in the thread below.

It “might” be possible if you get to your screen via an action e.g. show new screen. You could then set a timestamp in a compound action before showing the screen and have a visibility condition within the screen based on the difference between “Now” and the timestamp. I’ve not tried this but it feels as though it could work.


It does. I’ve done it before.

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Another difficulty is where should the button be placed? Users can switch tabs at any time.

If the user leaves the screen, then all bets are off.
But if you use the method that @V88 suggested, the next time they enter the screen (via the action), then the timer starts again.

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This depends on the purpose the button is designed for or the user will lose the opportunity to see the button.
As of now we don’t have a top layer screen capable of traversing all the basic screens like in modal box or ad functions.:sob:

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