Creating a pop-up notification on the screen

I would like this feature of creating pop-up notifications on screens when a user logs in to the app, just like in native applications.
An example is a pop-up form that comes up on a website after some minutes or after scrolling to a certain extent on a website.

I don’t know if you understand this use case.

You can create onboarding flows. Search the forum for ‘onboarding flow’.

You cannot as of yet trigger time-based or behavior-based layers, such as related to scroll depth or exit intent. For now a pop-up is action-based (triggered by a user action).

Alright, thanks.

It is possible to show an entire screen (not a popup) based on the passage of time. For example, you could have something like a “nag screen” that appears once every 24 hours (or any interval that you choose) and requires user acknowledgement.


Let me try this.

This onboarding flow, is it a project showcase?


Involving HTML and some additional settings through CSS.