Pop-up screen / tab trigger

The way the sign-in screen slides up over the entire app when you use a sign-in action on a button is just fantastic. It would be amazing if we could have a screen like this for things other than sign-in. You could use a screen like this to inform users of new changes you’ve made to the app since they last logged in (Discord does this all the time). You could use a screen like this to have people agree to Terms of Service and Cookies ( which would then unlock other parts of the app). In general, a slide up screen would give the developer more variety for how they present information to the user.

Such a feature (and many other current features) would also work REALLY well with some kind of action trigger than happens upon tab or screen navigation. Where simply moving to a specific screen or tab triggers one of the core or custom actions. When users sign into the app, the first thing that could happen is such a slide-up screen appearing and telling them that Terms of Service has been revised and they need to agree again… or a screen telling them new features have been added and what they are.

I have to imagine most of this is somewhere on the roadmap, but just want to drop it here anyway :slight_smile:

Completely agree. I asked for this MONTHS ago:

In the post above, I reference a link to screen (which would be the quick fix), but really it should be its own action, just like Open Webview there would be an Open Modal. I imagine it would function like a Link to Screen though by giving us a details page on which to add components.


Oh nice. Has anyone suggested the second half of my feature request? Actions triggering on screen or tab change (including upon initial load)?

I asked for it informally to @Mark a while back…nothing formal though. Coincidentally, an enterprise customer of mine just asked for it yesterday. Seems to be a need!

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Still waiting for this feature

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I want to have a “show selection screen” option where they have to formally select or cancel before exiting the screen. They are stuck in this mode until they select/cancel - no back button.

You can even make the screen “rounded” to designate it is a modal screen.

@david Suggested an action on login was immanent during our conversation on the new team pricing. @Robert_Petitto then suggested adding the same action trigger to a tab change (to David). Hope that happens, and soon! It, along with MODAL functionality, really help our App design. Take it to a whole new level.

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