Actions triggered on scenario

It would be great to have the possibility to trigger a set of actions based on certain scenarios like

  • when the app is first opened
  • at signup
  • when signing in

Could you share some use cases? Maybe I have a solution :wink:

@Eric_Penn some use cases

  • a fast onboarding with custom next screens based on the values from the previous screen, when a user signs-in
  • request for push notifications when a user signs-in
  • request for tracking at sign-up
  • last sign-in date at sign-in

I know that maybe some of them can be created using some workaround but I think the experience can be more beautiful and easy, if we had some actions that can be triggered based on certain scenarios.

If you have some solutions for any of the options above, let me know … the onboarding training I think it’s already created on youtube, but if you have something different that you use, please share.