Do action after login

Is there any way to run a custom action upon signup? Eg I want to use zapier to send the users email to mailchimp. I can do the action & it works but how do I tie it to the inital login?

set a trigger in google scripts for change in App: Logins sheet

If you’re using an onboarding process, you could tie the action to the final step in that process.

Even if you don’t have a formal onboarding process, you could still use the same technique, which usually involves something like a “Has Profile” boolean in your User Profiles sheet…

  • Initial state of that is not true
  • Use tab visibility to hide everything whilst is remains not true
  • Present a welcome screen (which is only visible whilst that is not true)
  • Include a button (or whatever) on that screen, ie. ‘Click here to get started’ (or whatever)
  • Multi step action tied to that button:
    • Set “Has Profile” to true (Welcome tab hidden and all other tabs appear)
    • Fire your Zap

This would work, but it would fire every time the user signs in - which may not be the desired behaviour.
Yes, you could build extra logic into the script to check if it was the first login by that user. But that’s adding extra complexity to something that’s easily achievable in Glide without resorting to scripts.