Pokémon ⚪️

A little Pokédex I created using Custom Collection + HTML.


Very nice! Shouldn’t we remove the HP - Atk - Def “2nd headers” for each row?

Nice! But I see you did not stabilize fetch JSON; it is reloading when coming back to the home page, making you wait for a few seconds to see the list.

Thanks! @ThinhDinh. I followed my very important 13 yo customers vision… this is his favorite Dex below. Next step is to design a draft for tournament play. It’s been a fun way to teach my friends son about Glide.



Ya I think the problem is the images… because everything else is hard coded. I tried saving them all to GDrive but then they won’t work in HTML/ Rich Text. What do you suggest :wink: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PokeAPI/sprites/master/sprites/pokemon/1.png

hahahah… I had the same problem… the solution is to change the GD URL a little…
But why is the waiting time? When I return to the home page, it looks like it is reloading.

I will dig out the right URL for you…

try and let me know if it works

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I see it is much better now, LOL… You are the fastest-learning MF I ever dealt with :rofl:

Love it @Eric_Penn! Your kid has good taste, it’s a great DEX :laughing: