🆕 Please try the new Glide builder



Great @Jason!!

Don’t love the location of the components on the new editor. Seems like they’ve all been moved to new areas of the page without a clear reason.

It is either in this thread, or another discussing the changes coming, but there is a roadmap reason for why they have been moved to the left. Fairly sure it was to do with grouping components, and more options going forward.

Whether you like it or not, now the new layout is definitive :sunglasses:


@Jason There’s an issue with the action configuration screen getting hidden behind the left-hand panel in the Custom Action builder:


How did you get the action editor to come up without the left panel going away…

Is it supposed to go away?

Also another bug:
When I’m setting Tab Visibility, any time I click any portion of the visibility condition form fields, it kicks me out of the tab and sends me to a new tab. I have inadvertently changed visibility conditions on tabs because of this.

EDIT: @jason
Actually this glitch just caused me to lose an entire screen…It actually has nothing to do with Tab Visibility…it’s caused by simply editing a Tab located in the menu. Well…looks like I know what I’m doing for the next 90 minutes. :angry:

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Very much so yes

Quick observations/notes, apologies if already mentioned:

Overall, some changes make sense, others are confusing and will take getting used to.

  • I appreciate the minimal UI, but it’s rendered the interface less accessible. Harder to orient oneself to a (mostly) monochromatic, low-contrast environment. Especially challenging for those of us with less-than-perfect neural responses and/or vision.

  • I keep kicking myself out of the editor by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner out of sheer desire to collapse the left panel and regain lost space. [probably a carryover habit – collapsing Airtable views]

  • What will search do, confronted with its diminished prowess? Shame to see relevant sheets (where the search string is found) no longer highlighted.

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Me too…and a bunch of data disappeared…kinda frustrating not gonna lie.

Sorry that you lost your data! Also, happy cakeday! :cake:


Thanks for your report. Please continue here :arrow_down: as it looks like that the issue is not related to the new Glide builder.

Thanks for helping us keeping the forum organised. :slight_smile:

They are doing their best, especially during these tough times.


I had the same issue and wiped out an entire screen with lots of embedded logic :cry:

Good thing I remember my logic (mostly) so I was able to recreate (albeit painfully). If there isn’t already a feature request for version history rollback capability, that would be a great add!

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It’s a good idea. You’ve my vote.

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I’m mondering if it’s possible for us to use the old builder (if/when the builder is online) for another week if we choose.

Oh my goodness, YES. I do this several times a day accidentally.


It’s the arrow. Possibly the wrong visual cue. Can just be a Glide logo or something like that…