๐Ÿ†• Please try the new Glide builder

The previous Builder evolved organically over two years as we incrementally added each new feature. It was a strong design, but could not accommodate major new features we want to add:

  • tablet and web support
  • more powerful layout options (e.g. component groups)
  • data source management (e.g. connect to multiple sheets or third-party sources)

This transition will be a bit awkward and not obviously worthwhile immediately for everyone, but six months from now, as these new features compound, I believe Glide will feel improved 10x.


Good idea on both counts. Let me try to get that in for tuesday.


It clearly goes in a promising direction.

A simple feature for the short term would to find (back*) the ability to move sheets so that we can replicate the same order than G-Sheet or organize in the order that we want if we use Glide Tables.

  • This used to be possible some months ago

I really like this ideaโ€ฆ I find it frustrating to have to keep going in and out of every component. I think a view like this would help the flow and make it faster to make updates and add components.

I also find it very frustrating that we canโ€™t just swap out components. Some components share a lot of things are just a different display. It would be nice to just be able to swap/replace them with another component instead of having to delete it and create a new one. (Think check box vs toggle)

will you allow us to drag-move tables the same way we can drag-move the components/tabs/menus? i think itโ€™s just one step away giving the same results from the auto-sort sheet feature.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 10.32.41


Iโ€™m quite sure there is a feature request for this, although Iโ€™m struggling to find it right now. If I can find it, Iโ€™ll drop a link here (or maybe somebody else will)

Edit: I think this is the oneโ€ฆ (@everys it was created by you)

Iโ€™ve been testing the old version and the new version on a tablet, and neither scroll works.
Everything works perfectly on the computer, excellent work.


Will checkout tablet

Is it possible to reverse the name of the component (โ€œTextโ€) and the name customize?

To have a logical follow-up to the display.

Nom Composant

I think the new builder is not showing the Sync Errors if it occurs, the one with the exclamation mark and showing you what should be removed to continue the sync

Fixed in our development branch thank you for reporting


@Jason Yeahโ€ฆcan this be an option? I MUCH prefer the greyscale icons. Just like we can change between light and dark mode, can we also change between simple and bold theme?

Full transparency, Iโ€™m colorblind, so the vibrant colors actually look muddled.


I will alert the chief figma officer that there is a request to tone down the unicorn vomit.



did someone find the show icons only on tabs? for some reason I canโ€™t find it, do we stil have this option?

also, @Jason can you add the icon to the tabs list? In many cases I only works with the icons and without names at all and then I get this view

The option you are looking for is in the settings under appearance

thank you. drove me crazy last night :man_facepalming:t2:

Why do your tabs not have names? What is the purpose of that?

in many cases design wise I prefer not to show any title on the top screen as in it will move left on andoroid and for hebrew speakers thatโ€™s confiusing. I prefer to put a text or rich text component which I can control.
even when un-checking the โ€œshow tabs nameโ€ you still see it on the title page.