Please allow more Customization for elements

Hello Glide-team,

please add more customization options for your elements.
I’m thinking mainly about two ideas:

  1. Let us choose the color for buttons, text areas and overlays per element and not only via the theme option.
    It would also greatly help for this request/question:
    Customize different colors in Glide (not just main accent color)

I think @Jeff_Hager and @adelhammoud made very important and true comments about the current feeling, that many, many apps look the same like clones.

  1. For “Actions” please let us choose the type, icon and color also as separate options.
    For example I like the clean look of the action “View detail”. But as I need the action “Open link” I get this big icon :neutral_face:




Couldn’t agree more. Design starts to get more complicated but that’s on us as app makers…From Glide, we need more design customization for complex app where different parts of the user experience look the same but should not. Amazing where the functionality is given that Glide isn’t that old, and hopefully more design control is on the roadmap sooner than later.



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Please search for it or enter it in our Features Requests App. The more votes entries get, the higher on the list of future features we work on it gets.:


Jesus, can you please talk with Glide team to consider putting feature requests in only one place? It dilutes the votes to put them in two places and neither is as effective! Also we need dates on each request - when you use the filter, they go away and some items just don’t have dates. I like to filter by most recent but when I do, there is no datestamp to be found. I’m sure you can have some influence here! :star_struck: :raised_hands: :pray:

Also, I put in two requests days ago and one is still pending? I don’t know what the basketball means but I can’t find that one when I search. So I think for everyone to feel the features request app is a good use of our time and will be effective…it needs a little bit of improvement. :innocent: